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Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith.

No pressure. No follow up. No charge.


At C3 Darwin we run Alpha Courses regularly in our Cafe. There is a friendly welcome, good food and the course is delivered through short, engaging video presentations followed by open discussion. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore faith and meaning in a relaxed environment and really think about what you believe. Come and check it out and then continue if you like it!

Got questions about life & faith?
You're invited to the Alpha Course


We proudly partner with CAP Australia to assist people manage their money well and find freedom from debt.

CAP MONEY is a free course run over 3 nights and is open to anyone in the Darwin community.

The course is incredibly practical and helps you create a workable budget and savings plan. It also gives you the resources and tools to continue a lifestyle that helps fulfil your financial goals.

Money pressures are the number 1 factor in relationship breakdowns and also have huge effects on our emotional well being and health. We love being able to practically help people find hope, freedom for their future. Whatever your story, there’s no judgement, just hope and a way forward.

For more info on our next CAP Money Course, email info@c3darwin.com